la personal trainer

DeCosimo Fitness is a world-class personal training experience that caters to clients all over the world who are in need of local and traveling trainers. Working with clients within their lives seamlessly. Based off of the idea that having a healthy lifestyle is just as important as having a better body, Adam DeCosimo, a revolutionary personal trainer, has reinvented what people can expect from their personal training experience. In addition to offering a variety of personal fitness training experiences and customized workout plans that motivate clients to attain their physical goals — whether that be to gain muscle, lose weight, or to build endurance — this website has been designed to connect with clients to provide ongoing motivation and support, teach you about health and fitness, and to give you real exercise and nutritional advice for real-world practices. No fads. Here you will find:

– Exercise techniques to help you stay on course between your private personal training sessions with DeCosimo

– Fun and exciting hiking trails and hidden fitness actives that you can do in St Pete/Tampa and the surrounding areas

– Nutritional information about how to build a better body based-off of your fitness goals

– Exciting recipes for making healthy meals that will entice even the most sophisticated palate, based off of your fitness goals (lose weight/gain muscle)

Having a personal fitness trainer is just as important as having a doctor, financial planner, or dentist. Without health we have nothing. With health, we can have everything.


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