How to incorporate power foods in your regular diet.

la personal trainer

Incorporating power foods in a regular diet is a great way to gain strength, stamina and muscle growth without deviating from your routine eating habits improving  your over all health/fitness. Here are some examples of power foods and how to incorporate them into your normal diet.

 Almonds are filled with proteins that can develop your bones, muscles, blood and can be used as mid day snack. Blueberries which are  ideal to use with  breakfast, have one of the highest amounts of antioxidants compared to any fruit or vegetable.  Red bell peppers can help burn more calories, ideal as a good accelerator to use with your  meals. Salmon a omega-3 packed fish has been known to improve eye health, reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent cancer being ideal for a main food in any meal.

Along with incorporating power foods into your diet, be active and exercise  creating  maximum effectiveness. Your body and mind with thank for this incorporation :). You will find you have more energy and focus to better go through your daily routine. As you incorporate these and other power foods into your normal diet always moderate portions for your daily needs and activity level keeping everything balanced.


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