Strength, Honor, Pride, and Self Respect

la personal trainer

In one’s life he or she must have Strength, Honor, Pride, and Self Respect.

Strength, to carry you through life, protecting you and the people around you. This can be obtained through fitness and dedication to ones body/diet.

Honor, to believe in right and to always do the right things in life. It is right to care about your body. Take care of one’s body by living a healthy/fit life, inspiring others to do the same.

Pride, to feel a strong opinion of importance in one’s self as a dignified human being. Never letting anyone else define who you are, being true to yourself and others.

Self Respect, to have respect for your character and for your conduct, always doing what is right and true. Knowing one’s worth and to never think or treat  yourself any less. Standing up for who you are, not letting anyone use you or cause you to falter.


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