The Importance Of Muscle Memory

la personal trainer health fitnessMuscle Memory:  A unique and amazing natural ability our bodies have. Over time our bodies learn movements and activities, which are then remembered. It is important to feed our body not just knowledge, but good and effective knowledge. This way later on when we need it most, this valuable muscle memory will come to the rescue. At times you will react without or little thought involved. If you have taught your muscles well they will perform well.

When developing your muscle, it is very important you do it right. Slow and steady wins the race. Building muscle should be a slow process. To fast can cause stretch marks, injury, and poor muscle memory. Developing your body the right way and creating good muscle memory will give you more effective and  lasting results.

For example, you have heard the expression its like riding a bicycle. It means once you learn it you never forget. Well your body never forgets what it goes through, just give it the proper time to learn. Another example, when I don’t work out for let’s say a month, because of my good muscle memory I will lose little or none of my physique. What strength I lose, I gain back very quickly as well. Train smart, steady and well to better your body for not just now but long into the future.


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