Keep cravings at bay.

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Often in our daily lives we are faced with cravings. Cravings can come at the worst times. Such as when you’re in the middle of a diet or trying to stay overall healthy for a particular goal. Instead of giving in to cravings or just plain letting them get you down, Take control and conquer them. A good way to do this is to shop for healthy snacks and food. Accessibility is key so keep healthy snacks on hand or close by, such as the office, car, bedroom, and even in your pocket/purse. Some examples of good healthy snacks to eat when having a craving are fruits, vegetables, cheese, peanuts, nutri-grain bars, and yogurt.

Snacks can be paired with certain cravings to have the desired effect.

Such as when your craving something sweet, substitute with yogurt or a nutri-grain bar.

la personal trainerla personal trainer

When your craving chips, try peanuts or cheese instead.

la personal trainer   la personal trainer

When craving soda, substitute with an orange.

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As you overcome your cravings with these healthy snacks you will find that your energy and your overall health will increase. Doing this tactic will also help you to maintain order in your current diet.


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