Turn your metabolism around.

la personal trainer


One of the most important parts of being fit is your metabolism. Often as we get older our metabolism begins to slow down. It is never too late to get your metabolism back on track. It’s a matter of exercising your way of eating to turn your metabolism around. A good example of this is to eat several small healthy meals/snacks throughout the day.  The ideal number is 6 meals/snacks a day such as breakfast then a snack then lunch then another snack then dinner and finally a last snack.  It’s also important what you eat and how much. Each meal/snack should be small and healthy. For example, a good breakfast would be a bowl of oatmeal and fruit. A good snack after breakfast would be a yogurt or nutri-grain bar. For lunch a salad with vegetables, then for a snack a banana. For dinner 5 oz of chicken with a side of dark greens, and for a last snack some peanuts. The idea is to keep your metabolism on it’s toes and constantly working. Of course, good exercise is necessary for maximizing your metabolism, your result,s and maintaining an over all healthy lifestyle.


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