Consistency and Determination

la personal trainer

Two of the most important aspects in life are consistency and determination. In order to be successful, one would need to be exuberant in both. Personally, without both I would have failed at many of the things in my life. For example, back when I was younger, I had the hardest time being small and weak. I was constantly reminded of my small stature every time someone joked on me, or when I could not carry heavy objects. One day I told myself no more shall I accept this as my life. Armed with determination I worked towards my goal, which was to build my body to a point of good size, symmetry and strength. Over many months of training consistently, I reached my goal. I began looking and feeling great, lifting weights and things that I normally could not. Throughout the years I have been consistent and determined in not only my own  improvement, but in others, as well.  Being a personal fitness trainer I”m able to train clients to meet their fitness goals and to improve their overall lifestyles.  There is no goal too small nor a goal too big. After you reach one goal, you immediately set another one even higher. As long as you are determined and consistent in working out and staying healthy and fit, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Anything ever done by man on any level in history was accomplished by being determined and consistent. No one can take these two characteristics away from you. Never give up, never surrender.


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