Turn into a fat burning machine

la personal trainer

One of the biggest issues in the fitness world is losing fat. How do I get rid of fat? Many personal trainers advise their clients to diet and exercise . How do you know what you see and hear is correct and will work? As far as fat loss and fitness go, in accordance to the human body, it is all a matter of science. The secret to fitness and fat loss is giving your body what it needs, not what it wants. Don’t be fooled by diet,  fads, and crazy exercises. With the right science behind what you eat, fat stands no chance. You must get to know your body. Your body is constantly communicating  to you what it needs, you simply must listen. For example, take a candy bar of your choice  and hold it in your hand. With your other hand closed have a friend try to break your grip of the empty hand. Then hold something healthy, like a vegetable or nutri-grain bar. Again with your empty hand closed, have a friend try to break your grip. You will notice your grip will be stronger holding something your body needs. Predominantly, the human body looks to carbohydrates for energy.  Here is an example of a diet that trains your body to predominantly look to fat as a fuel source:

Meal 1 Breakfast= scrambled eggs with tablespoon of coconut oil and a cup of pineapple or banana but pineapple being ideal
Meal 2 snack=  Half of an apple with a heaping table-spoon of peanut butter
Meal 3 Lunch=  salad with piece of fruit and 3 ounces of chicken with a table-spoon of coconut oil
Meal 4 snack=  half of apple with heaping scoop of peanut butter
Meal 5 dinner=  4-5 ounces of fish or chicken with tablespoon of coconut oil and a half a cup of dark greens
Meal 6 snack=  silk or yogurt
Meal 7 bedtime snack = 1  hard boiled egg for women 1 teaspoon of  L glutamine and 1000 milligram of fish oil. For men, 3 hard boiled eggs, 1 teaspoon of  L glutamine and 1000 milligram of fish oil



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