5 things to do after a workout.

1. Cool down

A cool down is a great way to decrease post-workout inflammation. A good way is taking a shower, as alternating between hot and cold water stimulates blood flow and muscle recovery with hardly any effort. Slow walking or jogging can also be a great cool down.

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2. Stretching 

Active-isolated stretching is effective after a workout when the muscles are warm. Stretching your muscles and joints while they’re still warm helps prevent tight muscles and stiff joints and improves your flexibility.  It is also good to do stretches that address any mobility issues you might have.

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3.Refuel after your workout

After a workout, your cells are wide open and screaming for nutrients, and by drinking a shake or another balanced carb/protein small meal, you expedite the recovery process and maximize lean muscle growth.  Fuel up within 30 minutes after exercising and working out by eating a carb-rich snack combined with some lean protein.

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4.Drink water

When you move you’re expending water from your body. After a workout, you need to replenish water supplies. This helps decrease muscle soreness and increase strength and flexibility. After a workout the weight you lost from the start of the work out is the amount of water you need to drink.

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5. Reflect and plan

Recognize what you’ve accomplished with your training and how it contributes to your long-term goals,  Plan for the next training session while your mind and body is fresh from just working out.

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