The secret to the ultimate workout

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What is the secret to working out? Well let me tell you how to have the ultimate workout. First things first, When you are planning on working out, you must make sure you have had the proper rest and food/hydration. That way you have energy and nutrients to carry you through your workout A good 8 hours of sleep is best along with plenty of water and a healthy diet. Now you are ready to pump some iron ;).

Know exactly what you’re going to do before you get to the gym, have a plan. Execute that plan to the t and let nothing stop or distract you. When you get to the gym you must focus on two main muscle groups for example, back and biceps. Doing this gives you better focus and isolates and pumps the muscles better making your time in the gym better well spent. Working the back first will hit your biceps from a secondary standpoint, which means when you do biceps next there warmed up and ready to go.  When doing the exercise you must focus your mind on the muscle your  working out and nothing else.

Choose your exercises wisely, meaning do harder exercises that require the most strength first then the easier ones last. Lastly, your form is very important, it means everything. Don’t just go through the motions. have perfect form and perfect angles, go slow on the down motion were the muscles contract the most building your muscle fibers and strength the best. Also the weight incrimination you use is vital, never increase the weight to fast or to slow. For example on bench press a good increase would be 10 pounds on a 5 set 10 rep bodybuilding system.Depending on whether you’re looking for power or physique your sets and reps and weight will vary. For example, power lifting requires more weight less rep were as bodybuilding is less weight more rep. If you’re not familiar with forms techniques and or exercises I advise doing the research before or hiring a trainer such as me for optimal safe results.


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